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Kenai and the Army Private Public Partnership

Kenai Receives Recognition for Commitment to Service Members.

Kenai’s commitment to quality personnel is demonstrated with the P3I program with the United States Army. Kenai has received many awards for hiring citizen soldiers and continuing our commitment to current employees and military service personell.

Jay Mercer: Kenai Drilling is one of the largest privately owned drilling contractors in the United States.  Everyone goes, “Why do you hire Army Reserve soldiers?”  And really you want to say, “Well, because everybody loves soldiers.  We hire soldiers because we owe them, and there’s a great service.”  And that’s true, it’s completely true.  However, it’s selfish too.  Any employer wants good people.  And the Army Reserve provides that.  They bring both soft skills — they bring hard skills.  They have the ability to identify hazards.  They have leadership qualities that are just exceptional in comparison to civilian counterparts.