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Kenai’s management team has over 100 years of experience in the oil, gas, and geothermal markets and through this experience has been successful in navigating Kenai through all of the industries ups and downs

Directors and Officers


Tim Crist

Tim graduated from California State University at Fresno in 1980 with his B.S. degree in Business Administration. By this time, he had already accumulated 5 years of contract drilling experience. Tim began working full time for Kenai Drilling immediately after his graduation in 1980. His original assignment was as a Kenai Corporation Special Projects Coordinator, primarily concentrating on projects that benefited all 4 of Kenai Corp’s Drilling Divisions (California, Rocky Mountains, Texas and New Mexico). During the next 5 years, Tim was promoted to Safety Manager and Superintendent/Contracts Manager. In June of 1985, Tim was promoted to President of Kenai Drilling and was relocated to Odessa Texas to oversee Kenai’s 4 Drilling Divisions.

In July of 1988, Kenai sold their drilling assets to an investor group which included Mr. Crist and he has remained as President subsequent to that time.

VP of Finance

David Uhler

David graduated from Santa Clara University in 1993 with a B.S. degree in Commerce with an emphasis in Accounting. After graduation, he began working in the tax department of Arthur Andersen, LLP in San Jose, California where he obtained his CPA license in 1996.

In 1999, David moved back to the Central Coast of California and went to work in the tax department of Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, LLP in Santa Barbara, California. David was a partner in the firm from 2003 until 2006 when he left to take the Chief Financial Officer position at Kenai. During his tenure at Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, LLP, David was selected to sit on the Large and Mid-Size Business division of the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Counsel (IRSAC). The IRSAC is a national advisory committee to the IRS comprised of tax professionals from around the country. David’s 14 years of experience in the accounting industry have helped Kenai manage its recent expansion in California and the Mid-Continent.

VP & Chief Operation Officer

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