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Rig Construction
Kenai has the ability to build any type or size of drilling rig to meet the needs of the industry.

Kenai has grown its rig fleet by building new, state of the art rigs for both the onshore and offshore industry. Kenai has engineered, built and installed two offshore drilling rigs for California operators. Rig #9 was constructed and installed on Platform Holly for Venoco Inc. and Rig #11 was constructed and installed on Platform Grace for Venoco Inc.. Kenai has also retrofitted Rig #2 from offshore onshore operations. In addition, Kenai has continued to increase the size of it’s fleet by designing and building new rigs to meet the needs of the drilling market. Kenai has recently finalized the construction of our latest addition, Rig #18. No matter what your needs, Kenai is ready to assist you in building the drilling rig you need to get the job done in a cost effective and professional manner.

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