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Kenai’s Safety Management System (SMS) is a defined, organization-wide process that provides the ability to effectively make risk-based decisions.

Safety Processes

Safety processes include hazard identification and prevention with occurrence reporting of all schedules. Kenai’s Safety Training Program is an International Association of Drilling Contractors fully accredited program that focuses on continuous improvement in the overall drilling process. Kenai’s equipment is maintained to the highest standards and maintenance is performed on a preventative maintenance program. Performance measurement is tracked with statistical analysis of data from Behavior Based Safety observations and trends within safety indicators such as TRIR, LTA, MVAs, NMS, and PSEs. Quality and Safety Assurance is ensured by customer feedback, daily tour sheets, external audits, internal audits from all levels of management including Operations and Safety.

Kenai Management

Kenai’s Safety Management System includes key management personnel to effectively lead the top down structure. This structure includes checks and balances between Operations and Safety with oversight from Kenai’s Engineering Manager and Certified Safety Professional, CSP.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

1.      Standard Operating Procedures are used and required for all tasks to ensure clear guidance, hazard identification and mitigation.

2.      SOPS have improved Kenai’s safety performance, reduced incidents, accidents and made the overall rig move process and drilling operations more efficient.

SOPS allow all individuals involved in a task to have open, effective and transparent communication.

Stop Work Authority

Kenai teaches and requires all employees to understand and utilize Stop Work Authority. Stop Work Authority allows employees from all levels of service to stop the job to ensure each task can be performed safely. Stop Work Authority provides clear direction for each individual during a task and ensure effective training and communication between all crewmembers.