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Rig 54


Drilling Range: 12,500' With 4-½" Drill Pipe. / 13,500' With 3-½" Drill Pipe.

Drawworks: Ideco H-725 800 H.P. Powered by (2)-Cummins N-14 Diesel Engines, With a Parmac V-80 Hydromatic Brake.

Mast: Superior 130' x 18'6'' wide Mast Rated at 600,000# Static Hook Load.

Substructure: 14' High x 44’ Long x 22’ Wide

Mud Pump #1: Lanzhou Triplex, 6"x12", 1,300 H.P., Powered by a Caterpillar D-399 Diesel Engine, Charged by (1)-5x6 Centrifugal Pump.

Mud Pump #2: MZ9 Triplex, 6"x9", 1000 H.P., Powered by a Caterpillar 3412 Diesel Engine, Charged by (1)-5x6 Centrifugal Pump.

Rotary Table: Ideco SR-175F

Traveling Assembly: Ideco 265 Ton Block/Hook Combination and Ideco TL-255 Ton Swivel.

Generators: (2)-Perkins Engines Driving (2)-435 KW Generators.

Mud System: (2)-Pits System, 600 Total Barrels, 65' x 8' x 6', With (2) Derrick 503 Shakers, Derrick Desander, (2)-6x8 Centrifugal Pumps.

Pre Mix: 200BBL

B.O.P.E.: Hydrill GK 11', 5,000# Annular, Shaffer 11", 5,000#  Double Ram, Koomey 120 Gallon Accumulator and 5,000# Choke Manifold.

Floorhand: Blohm + Voss Oil Tools FH 80 Floorhand.

Water/Fuel Storage: 400 BBLS./7,000 Gallons.

Auxiliary Equipment: (1)-Air Winch, Wireline Unit, Crew Doghouse, Toolpusher Trailer.

Operated by Kenai

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