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This is a list of forms for various personnel processes. If other forms would be of assistance, please leave an email with your suggestions. We will continue to review the list and update it as the need arises.

Please use this form to request a Change of Address in your employee records

All employees have the oportunity to make direct deposits of payroll checks. Please fill out the form and return it to the payroll department.

Required form when requesting sick pay.

Change your percentage contribution to the 401K plan.

Use this form to request any payroll related information such as W2, Earning Statements, Pay Stubs, etc.

Modify or add Primary and Contingen Beneficiaries to your Kenai Life Insurance.

Make changes to your Vision Dental Insurance. Fill out the form print it and fax over Santa Maria Office

Enroll or make changes in Kenai's Cigna Health Insurance plan. Fill out and send it to our Santa Maria office.

2019 Withholding Allowance Certificate (W4)