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Tim Crist

Tim graduated from California State University at Fresno in 1980 with his B.S. degree in Business Administration. By this time, he had already accumulated 5 years of contract drilling experience. Tim began working full time for Kenai Drilling immediately after his graduation in 1980. His original assignment was as a Kenai Corporation Special Projects Coordinator, primarily concentrating on projects that benefited all 4 of Kenai Corp's Drilling Divisions (California, Rocky Mountains, Texas and New Mexico). During the next 5 years, Tim was promoted to Safety Manager and Superintendent/Contracts Manager. In June of 1985, Tim was promoted to President of Kenai Drilling and was relocated to Odessa Texas to oversee Kenai's 4 Drilling Divisions. In July of 1988, Kenai sold their drilling assets to an investor group which included Mr. Crist and he has remained as President subsequent to that time.

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